Premier Gelato Online Suppliers

Ice cream and frozen dairy product consumers have come a long way since the days of the little grainy, wooden ice cream spoon. Today, thanks to large ice cream suppliers such as Gelato Products, ice cream dealers, galleria owners and mom and pop shop owners alike take delight in presenting their food products in the best light possible.


Among a huge choice of gelato cups and spoons, there are a myriad of other icy food product accessories that turn any consumer visit to an ice cream parlor into an awesome experience.

But consumers are not the only ones awe-struck by vast supplies of ice cream-related products. Ice cream distributors likewise appreciate one stop-stores like Gelato.

Making it even more convenient for those who prefer to shop for their supplies online, well designed web sites effectively make a shopping experience by dealers more of a pleasure than they may have had by walking into some brick and mortar shops.

Some Sample Spoon Inventories

For those who still like wood spoons, or for those who prefer plastic ice cream spoons, both textures come in a variety of colors and even shapes–either round or oval. The sizes vary as well: from the tiny taster spoons to larger ice cream scoopers. All are made from highest, eco-friendly, quality-grade materials.

If you need a theme-oriented look for your ice cream parlor, then look no more. Being unique is a main focus. Mix and match is always on the forefront of a truly superior ice cream supply store. Colors, sizes and even textures are main focus points with quality supplers.

One-Stop Shopping Experience

No more walking in and out of retail suppliers in an exhausting search for items that may or may not be available.

Restocking supplies? Along with spoons, offers a range of additional supplies such as cups, lids, pan liners, cone holders, ice cream sundae dishes, banana float dishes, spatulas, and tall ice cream or milk shake glasses as well. Browse online to purchase the supplies that you need, and present your ice cream or gelato in style–all at affordable low prices.

Fast, Convenient and Responsible Delivery

Back-orders become something of the past as many finer, online ice cream suppliers are quick to take stock of what is in inventory and what is not! If you’re restocking your supplies, then one quick visit to the company web site or a quick phone call to the toll-free 800 number lets you know up front whether they have the item.

Guaranteed online low prices and on-time scheduled deliveries complete the rewarding online trip for suppliers and purveyors alike. In the end, they’ll also bring back satisfied ice cream customers searching for more gelato, frozen yogurt or ice cream specialties.

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Home Heating Systems: The Basics


home furnaceNatural gas furnaces are the most common heating source for U.S. homeowners. They’re used in more than 55 percent of American homes. Although most home furnaces are gas, they can also be fueled by propane and heating oil or run by electricity. Furnaces heat air, then use a blower motor to distribute warm air into your home through a series of vents and air ducts. Furnaces have a general life expectancy of 15 to 20 years.


Boilers heat water instead of air. They can be fueled by natural gas, propane, heating oil or electricity. Boilers heat water to very high temperatures that create either boiling water or steam, then it’s pumped into your home through a series of pipes. Boilers are relatively expensive to install and have a general life expectancy of 15 to 30 years.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps create heat from outside air. They are typically fueled by electricity or geothermal energy. Air source heat pumps transfer heat from outside air, while geothermal heat pumps transfer heat from the ground. Both types distribute heat to your home through a series of air ducts, and in moderate climates heat pumps can also be used for air conditioning. Heat pumps have a general life expectancy of about 15 years.

How to Measure Your Home’s Heating Efficiency

Furnaces and Boilers

Heating efficiency of furnaces and boilers is measured by AFUE, Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, which measures how efficiently the furnace or boiler converts its fuel into heat. For example, an AFUE of 90 indicates that 90 percent of the fuel used is converted into heat. With furnaces and boilers, the higher the AFUE, the more efficient the unit. According to law, the Department of Energy requires all new furnaces and boilers to have a minimum AFUE of 78 to meet regulations. Old furnaces and boilers can have AFUE ratings as low as 60, while new Energy Star qualified units have AFUE ratings from 90 to 98. When purchasing a new furnace or boiler, it’s important to look for high AFUE ratings that indicate energy-efficient features.

Heat Pumps

Heating efficiency of air source heat pumps is measured by HSPF, Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, which calculates the energy used for heat, including defrosting and back-up heat. HSPF ratings for air source heat pumps range from 6.8 to 10.

As a professional, it’s important to educate your customers on the basics of home heating systems, including proper service and maintenance requirements according to the HVAC flat rate book.

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