Keep Your Outdoor Surfaces Looking Good for Years

Your deck, patio, hardscapes and other outdoor surfaces are built to withstand the weather, but they will gradually degenerate if they are not well maintained. Power washing is one way to clean these surfaces, but it can also leave behind damage because of its gouging pressure. Your outdoor surfaces will look better and last longer if you use a power washing comany such as Renew Crew that has a more meticulous approach to effectively clean and protect the surfaces.


Power Washing

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to power washing. Wood, cement, bricks, stones and siding each take a unique approach. For example, it may require a stronger pressure for natural stone hardscapes that for an old wooden deck. If the power washing is done incorrectly, it could permanently damage your deck by widening cracks in the wood and breaking off splinters.

Wooden Decks and Fences

The best approach is a three-step process where foam is first applied to soften the old wood fibers and mold and mildew. This foam is environmentally-friendly without chlorine, so it doesn’t pollute when it is washed away. It will not bleach the wood or harm your garden. This foam is rinsed away with the appropriate strength of power washing and a sealant is applied. The sealant gives the wood ultraviolet radiation protection. With this protection, your deck will look like new longer, and you can go longer between cleanings.


Concrete becomes stained with grease from automobiles, mildew and mold, and, in the case of an outdoor dining space, spilled food. Harsh power washing can also damage concrete. If not done correctly, it can permanently etch your concrete, leave pockmarks and widen cracks. This is especially dangerous because these damaged areas are places where water and ice can weaken the concrete. To avoid these problems, the pre-soak is essential. It loosens and dissolves all manner of stains, and the sealant will help repel future stains.


Any type of siding, including vinyl siding, stucco, brick and painted wood becomes stained by mildew and other contaminants. The beauty of your home depends on clean attractive siding, and if it is improperly cleaned, it may look worse than before. With a pre-soak, cleaning and sealant, it will look like new.

If your outdoor surfaces require cleaning, it’s worth having it done properly. The results may exceed your expectations and will last for years.

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Labeling The Classroom

When you work in a classroom, especially with younger students, you might find that labels are a way to help in teaching. You can print labels for almost anything, and they can be designed with the children at heart. Use cartoon characters that they enjoy seeing or characters in a book that you are reading in class. The best thing about labels is that you can cover the old ones with something new as you go through the school year.

classroom labels

Label the book bins so that students know of the reading levels of the books they want to read. The bins can also be labeled for the supplies that are needed in the room, such as crayons, paint, scissors and paper. When students bring supplies in at the beginning of the year, you can label everything so that the items don’t get lost. This also prevents arguments that might arise between students who think that someone else has their materials. Cubbies can be labeled with each student’s name so that they know where to put their hats, book bags and coats. The classroom is a large space where you can make sure everything that students need to know about has a name simply by putting a sticker on the item. Click here for label designs.

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