Hydraulic Hammer Safety Procedures

A hydraulic hammer has tool bits that can crush rocks, concrete, and asphalt. Because it is a powerful tool, you must follow a few safety rules to protect yourself and others.

Safety and Maintenance Guidelines

When using a jack hammer, always wear the proper safety gear, such as full-length pants, eye protection, gloves, hearing protection, protective boots, and a long-sleeved shirt.

All employers must understand how to use the supply compressor. It should be placed in a spot that is far from the construction spot. By keeping the compressor at a distance, the level of noise will be lower.

Each day, the tools should be examined thoroughly. There should be no damage or defects. Also, all components must be secure and in optimal condition.

To prevent accidental swerving, workers must place the electrical cords over their shoulders. Swerving is dangerous because it leads to electrocution.

There are a variety of jack hammers that are ideal for different construction projects. To avoid unnecessary accidents, always use a light jackhammer during long and complex projects.

Always lift the device using its legs. This technique prevents back strain and other injuries.

When traveling a great distance, grip the device between the operating lever and the handle.

By implementing these safety procedures, injuries and accidents can be avoided during important projects.

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