Uratex Expands to Vis-Min, Opens New Plant and Showroom in Friendly City of CDO

As part of their commitment to expand and support the ongoing developments in the Visayas-Mindanao region, RGC Group of Companies, the company behind Uratex formally opened a new manufacturing plant and showroom in the City of Golden Friendship – Cagayan de Oro City.

Photo from CDOMOM.com

Now with the easily availability and accessibility of Uratex in the city, more Filipinos in the Vis-Min area can now enjoy world-class quality foam products that are at par with global brands but with affordable price range. Uratex is considered as the country’s largest foam manufacturer for commercial and automotive needs. It is also one of South East Asia’s leading foam brands making it a consistent awardee the of Reader’s Digest “Most Trusted Brand” Platinum awards since 2009.


The company also opened similar establishments in Cebu and Davao City recently and are currently seeing potential expansions in other areas in the region such as Tacloban, Iloilo, Butuan, Iligan and General Santos City.

Executive Vice President of RGC Group of Companies Mr Eddie Gallor said that Cagayan de Oro City is a known melting pot because it is easily accessible it is a great base for different businesses in Mindanao. They consider CDO and it’s Friendly atmosphere to be one of the most progressive cities in the country, thus they deemed it best to open their new manufacturing plant and showroom here.

Photo from CDOMOM.com

Photo from CDOMOM.com

“Establishing a manufacturing plant and showroom in CDO is part of our commitment to expand our business in Visayas and Mindanao, and support the continued development in the region,” Mr Gallor said.

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Moving Tips for Moms on a Tight Schedule

Not too long ago, I made the cross country move from New Jersey to Seattle, Washington for a new position within my company. They were expanding, and wanted me to be the office manager. Hearing this news brought a smile to my face; I was looking for a change of environment, not to mention the pay was pretty convincing.

moving van

However, if I was going to take advantage of the offer that was presented to me, my boss made me aware that I needed to be completely moved in within the next three months. Now I know my children and husband believe me to be a wonder woman, but how in the world was I going to pull all of that off? Well, I started with making a plan.

1.  Find Long Distance Movers

First I needed to locate a company that was willing to relocate my things from my new Jersey home, to my Washington home. Luckily, my employer was paying for a rental property until I was able to find my own home. Therefore I didn’t have to go through the whole home buying process right away. There are several long distance movers out there, and narrowing my list came down to a few factors:

·  Availability

·  Costs

·  Services offered (such as packing, unpacking, and driving cross country)

2.  Find Moving Materials

After I squared away a moving date with the long distance movers, I needed to find a place where I could purchase moving materials. Though the moving company I was working with had their own supplies I could purchase, I was really looking to save a few bucks. Therefore, I began looking for places where I could get free boxes. Here are some of the places I was able to find some in pretty good shape:

·  Empty copy paper boxes from my employer

·  Boxes from local liquor stores

·  Craigslist advertisements

I only had to purchase some packing tape and permanent markers to label the boxes.

3.  Packing and Labeling

Now comes the fun part, getting everything into boxes and clearly labeled for the movers. This was a serious process that took some time (about a month), but I worked my way through it. Here’s how:

·  First sort through your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t need (you can sell these things at a yard sale or donate them)

·  Then place things in boxes, making sure to clearly label on all sides where it should go

Mommy tip: Now if you have younger children like I do, they’re going to make the sorting process a bit difficult. They’ll want to keep every toy they’ve ever owned, even if it’s broken… so I suggest that you enlist a sitter for a few hours so that you can sort their things without them being there to slow you down.

4.  Cancelling and Setting Up Utility and Entertainment Services

After I’d gotten everything sorted and packed, I needed to tie up a few loose ends. So I started by contacting my utility companies to set up a shut off date. Then I contacted my new utility companies to set up a start date. Lastly, I contacted my satellite service provider and had them set up a date for shut off. All that was left was to find a new service provider in the state I was moving to.

Money Saving tip: Satellitetv-deals.com has a detailed page about DirecTV service in Washington State online. You can review the various packages, and make a determination as to which will give you the best service for the value.

After completing all of the above tasks, there was nothing left to do but wait for the movers to arrive, and catch our flight to Washington State. Needless to say, my moving experience was not without a few flaws here and there, but for the most part, having a plan in place made the process a lot easier to manage. If you’re moving in the near future, whether it’s cross country or across the street, my bit of advice is to make a list and check it twice (sometimes three times). Now on to my next struggle, designing my newly rented apartment  to meet the needs of my family.

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