Bloggers, lend me your ears… I mean eyes! For I, Maricel, just found a nice tool for increasing traffic in our blogs. Presenting Zookoda! It sounds a bit weird isn’t it? But it does stick to your brain easily. LOL! Anyways, what is this Zookoda?

Well, for one, I, myself, as a blogger, sometimes have a problem in telling all my blogger friends that I have a new post. It could be a bit tedious to visit each and every blog in my blogroll just to get their attention and tell them that I have a new post and that they should go check it out! I bet you have the same problem as I do. And don’t you want to tell your friends that there is something new in your blog and you want them to at least take a peek on what that is? Well fret no more, Zookoda is our answer my friend. Here is what it can do:

  • Manage email newsletter subscribers.
  • Enhance your blog with custom newsletter subscription forms.
  • Design eye-catching newletters to match your blog design.
  • Schedule recurring broadcasts for each day, week or month.
  • View real-time open, bounce, click and unsubscribe reports.
  • Access mobile users by emailing blog content in text format.

I do think that it is still best to go to your friends’ blogs so that you can also check them out, but if you forgot to tell them something, you have to load all those pages again, it could take up a lot of time and bandwidth as well! So with this, it will definitely take a load off of us bloggers. I sure will try this one! Oh I forgot to mention… IT’S FREE!

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