I really thought that I will go home empty handed. But I’m to my amaze, I got 2 sale before my shift ended! YAY! ^_^ At least I don’t have a zero again. =)

After my shift, I was about to meet up with my niece at 10AM, but she was unable to meet up with me because something came up, so I went straight home. Not really straight home because I stopped by a perfume shop and bought myself a 25ml citrus-y, floral, scent, I believe it’s called Clinique Happy? I forgot. LOL!

By the way, the reason why I was about to meet up with my niece was because I am planning to open up an online boutique / shop. I want to try direct selling and wish to open it online. I don’t have it yet but I’m hoping to get support from you guys alright? ^_^

I’m excited about this! YAY!


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