Worst Pick Up Lines

Ever heard of a man telling a woman “Are you lost? Because heaven’s a long way from here.” An angel may like this, but not a woman. C’mon now, seriously guys, the woman’s not yet dead! It’s like pointing out that the woman should be in heaven now because she’s lost her way… Telling this line would really be offending and and not to mention rude.

If a man keeps saying those nerve-racking, goose-bumping lines, he will never get a date that’s for sure. Maybe he should try zipping his mouth and get a Extreme Style by VO5’s Victory Hair – what? That’s when the confidence of someone is heightened just through his uber sexy hairstyle, and in the end, having a messy hair with a girl 😉

But maybe you would want to try this Ultimate Flirting Championship game! Try to flirt with anyone through this widget and if you keep winning, then you are ready to face the real world! Good luck! =P

2 Replies to “Worst Pick Up Lines”

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    Check out the other winners as well, tomorrow July 7, 2008 Central Standard Time.

    Right now the winners are not yet posted. I wanted to make sure that winners will be notified first before announcing it.

    Again congratulation and thanks for trading links with my blog.


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