Work Update

Remember that I promised an update about the unexpected interview, well here it is: :neutral:

January 20 (Tuesday) at around 4am, which was a Monday shift for call center agents, I was “summoned” by our operations manager and was told that in a few minutes, the interview for coach position will start. During that time I was taking in chats and my customer was a sellable one, but due to the nervousness that I felt when I heard about the interview, I was not able to assist the customer well and to top it all up, my team captan messaged me that he’ll help me make a presentation for the interview, I was stunned and shocked! :shock: What the heck did he meant by presentation?! He told me that apparently, all applicans will have to “present” something in front of the interviewes — WHY THE HECK WASN’T I TOLD ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION THING!? I swear I really wanted to back out of the interview, but thanks to my team captain, I was able to show a short presentation. And you know what? I pulled it off quite well I must say. I’m not really used to impromptu presentations ever since I was a student, but hey, I was proud of myself! I was even given :!: by the interviewers and other team captains as well, most of them were proud of me as well. WHEW! I have to say, this is all thanks to my TC.

But just last Tuesday morning, January 27, (okay it was a Monday shift for us), our account manager called all applicants to her room and announced who the account’s new coach will be — NOT ME! Well I wasn’t really expecting that she will pick me though since all other applicants have been working in the company for more than 2 years or so (I’ve been working for less than a year), so it’s more for the experience and the thrill, and you know what? I’m actually glad that I applied for coach position, since I felt more mature and more confident of myself, at least I know that I can be a better me! :wink:

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