Work Disappointment

Sorry this is a long one, need to take this out of my system.

For this past week, my brain has been drained and exhausted from work thanks to the pressure of keeping up with the financial metrics and being in the sales department as a whole. I’m a bit disappointed and furious all at the same time. 👿

Few weeks before the end of May, I was transferred to a different queue which barely even get any customers – bored to death (it was an inbound chat support). In an 8 hour shift, I would usually end up having less than 20 chats, most of the customers were either looking for a different department, or were just testing if we can give them discounts on their purchase, and if we tell them no, they would just disconnect the chats without saying goodbye (bastards…), and there are some customers who seemed to be sellable but after we ask them if they are ready to purchase, they would tell us they are not yet ready and are just looking around. With these in mind, how the heck would ALL the agents sell – unless of course ALL the customers that we get are already READY TO PURCHASE and are just seeking for help with their order, but of course, since it’s random, we should make sure that lady luck is beside us, or we’ll end up having no sale at all for the day – which had happened to me before (imagine: 1 sale for the WHOLE WEEK!).

So what happened after that, was our team captain decided to take out 2 agents and transfer them back to the main queue which was also sales by the way, and lo and behold, I was one of the agents removed and transferred. Honestly, is it my fault that the customers I got are not yet ready to buy??? 😡

So last week, I started to chat on the main queue again, which where I started before I was transferred, but I was still under the same team captain. I’m not used to getting a lot of chats at the same time so I was haggard the first few days, and could barely sell anything, my team captain was not impressed and kept pushing me to sell, he told me that “I don’t care why you still don’t have a sale (the shift was almost over), but I need you to sell”, instead of helping me out or coaching me or checking on what I may be doing wrong, which what a team captain usually does to help his / her agent, but he never does that. 🙁

Thank goodness I ended up with good numbers (in a way) but not great one, I even got a 93% overall QA audit, which is a high mark, so I’m quite happy with my performance.

But this isn’t what I’m furious about…

I know that they transferred me back, but how come they forgot to give me a schedule for the week? It turned out that since the transfer was immediate, so they had no time to make a schedule for us (remember there were 2 agents transferred? Yeah both of us got a “not published” schedule) but our team captain told us that we can take the opening shift and take Saturday, Sunday off.

Now, will be our 2nd week, and guess what? I called our command center and still I have a “not published” schedule… WOW! What the heck does this mean? I tried texting my team captain, but still got no reply whatsoever. Oh well, I’m going to work on Monday during opening shift. If there’s nothing for me, well, we’ll see what I can do…

Seriously, if they don’t want me to go to work anymore, they can just tell me! Sheesh! 😡 If only I had the money to do some Orlando vacations! I’d love to book a Walt Disney World Resort vacation and bring my family with me and relax and enjoy. But that just seems like a dream bound to be buried forever.

AAARRRGGHHHH!!!! Sorry just needed to vent out, I’m okay now – I think.

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