Wish List For the Next Salary

August 6 – my next salary payout! I can’t wait! I have a few things in mind that I NEED to buy and spend for and here is the list:

___ Baby Julie’s vitamins (yeah, I don’t have enough money now to buy them)
___ Groceries (for our breaks, and lunch breaks)
___ Wireless router (so that I can use this laptop around the house)
___ My own check-up with the OB-Gyne (It seems that I still don’t have my monthly period after the D&C)
___ Baby Julie’s August check-up (it will be on the last week of August)

So there! That’s only 4 items there but most of them are expensive! I also can’t wait to get my hands on my PayPal payout! These are my earnings from blogging. =) I know that I can do exchange rate with a third party, but the conversion rate is quite low, and as of now, if I do use the exchange with a third party, I would lose quite a lot of dollars from that. I think I’ll just wait for my PayPal earnings to reach Php7,000! 😀

Here is the current earnings I have from blogging alone!!!!

So that’s around Php4,000 but I’ll just wait for it to reach Php7,000. ^_^ Or if I really can’t wait, I might as well withdraw it to my EON! ^_^

I think I can buy and spend for what I need this month! YAY!!!


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