Wish List For the Next Salary

August 6 – my next salary payout! I can’t wait! I have a few things in mind that I NEED to buy and spend for and here is the list:

___ Baby Julie’s vitamins (yeah, I don’t have enough money now to buy them)
___ Groceries (for our breaks, and lunch breaks)
___ Wireless router (so that I can use this laptop around the house)
___ My own check-up with the OB-Gyne (It seems that I still don’t have my monthly period after the D&C)
___ Baby Julie’s August check-up (it will be on the last week of August)

So there! That’s only 4 items there but most of them are expensive! I also can’t wait to get my hands on my PayPal payout! These are my earnings from blogging. =) I know that I can do exchange rate with a third party, but the conversion rate is quite low, and as of now, if I do use the exchange with a third party, I would lose quite a lot of dollars from that. I think I’ll just wait for my PayPal earnings to reach Php7,000! 😀

Here is the current earnings I have from blogging alone!!!!

So that’s around Php4,000 but I’ll just wait for it to reach Php7,000. ^_^ Or if I really can’t wait, I might as well withdraw it to my EON! ^_^

I think I can buy and spend for what I need this month! YAY!!!

12 Replies to “Wish List For the Next Salary”

  1. wow congratulations mommy,can i call you mommy??

    me too im saving for something
    keep up the good work.

    i voted again.
    good luck


  2. I can’t wait for payday too! I have to finish getting my daughters school supplies and clothes for when school starts next month.

  3. hi maricel thanks so much sa advice and suggestions i really appreciate it!

    congrats din s pr2 at online incomes mo.. sna marating ko rin agad yan 🙂

    so far me pambili nman n ko ng domain buti n lng $10 lng sya, pero d p confirmed paypal ko eh, new p lng kc eon ko need ko p pla mag deposit before i can use it sa paypal hehe.. sobrang nangangapa pa tlga ako kya i’m grateful tlga sa help nyo.

    Thanks again and God bless!

  4. helow po! hmmm, if it’s not too much to ask, can you help me with my blogging endeavor? i’m a newbie. things are becoming so overwhelming. i don’t really know how to go about this whole thing. i also want to earn like you, and the others, do. i got my own domain. http://mommypassionista.com. so what am i to do next? honestly, i’m confused… where and how can i get a page rank???? please, please,please help. 🙁
    thanks a lot.i’d appreciate ur response. 🙂

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