Wireless Router FINALLY!

I got my salary last Wednesday and guess how much I got! Php10,000 +! It was my first time to receive a 5-digit payout! It was so shocking that I almost cried when I saw the amount on the ATM screen. I was with my hubby back then and he too was shocked, who wouldn’t anyways?

So it was finally the right time to buy my long-awaited laptop peripheral… A wireless router! I spent yesterday morning after my shift to go to SM Megamall to look for the best deal for a wireless router. There were Php2,000 router, some would even go as high as Php7,000! That time, I was losing hope to find the right router for me, when I came across CD-R King. I suddenly remembered that they sell routers and other computer peripherals and there I saw my dream router. It was a decent router which only costs Php1,280! Amazingly cheap right? I never doubted CD-R King’s products even though they are so cheap because, I know that they have the quality products. I once had a pair of headset and up to now, I’m glad that I bought that one. It was cheap and durable. The main reason why their products are so cheap is because they get their products directly from their manufacturers in bulk, and you would notice that they don’t really have any advertisements on TV which will automatically save a lot for them. I think that’s a good idea as well.

Anyhow, let’s go back to my wireless router, here is a picture of my w-router I got from the CD-R king website:

It may look kinda cheap, and it is really cheap, but I’m happy with the performance so far. I haven’t tried to go out of my room and connect to the internet yet, but I’ll surely do that later. I believe it’s a good deal that I had, it comes with a 6 months warranty so it’s not bad at all, considering that it only cost me Php1,280! 🙂

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