Wireless Networking at Home

photo from http://gadgetlink2.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/linksys-n-router-gadgetlink2.jpg

I encountered a lot of people asking me how to connect to the internet wirelessly at home using their laptop. Of course the first thing I would ask if they have a wireless router. Usually, the common answer is “no”. Then, from there, I would know that they are not aware that you will need a wireless router to make a wireless network at home.

Personally, we have this laptop for almost 2 years now and it was only few months back when I bought a wireless router for it. Actually, we didn’t really need one since this laptop is our “desktop”, it’s the main and only computer we have here (my desktop is being used by my brother to play offline games), so basically, this laptop was on a wired internet connection. But I told hubby that I wanted to be able to blog in my bed, so I bought a wireless router. I bought a cheap one but if I had the money, I could have bought a Linksys router. It looks cool right? It’s a wireless N router which has a farther range and twice as much speed compared to the G routers. Mine is a G router but it does a good job, I don’t really need an N router as of the moment so I opted for a G router instead. But if you are not really on a tight budget and you want to be “future proof”, then you may want to go for the wireless N routers. ^_^

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