At work, we get to see the sun rise at the break of dawn around 5 in the morning, and the good old morning greetings set the mood on our workplace, blinds are being pulled down to prevent Mr. Sun’s rays hitting our tired and groggy eyes, thanks to full exposure of the computer’s emissions, and since my station is next to one of the many windows (lucky me), it is a must for me to stand up every time the sun is about stretch its arms and greet us all a wonderful morning to pull down the window blinds.

Speaking of window blinds, I have been searching around the internet for types of blinds that may fit our room for ease and efficient way of blocking the harmful UV rays during afternoon, our curtains just don’t seem to work well since they are made of thin cloth and it won’t really do much in blocking the heat, so I wonder if the Hunter Douglas type of blinds will do any good, I like the wood type though since I’m pretty sure it can block the bright rays of the sun which causes too much heat around our room… Anyways, I got to go for now, I’ll need to do some more things before I make another post. Ciao!

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