After dancing away for a full 30-minute hip hop abs workout, I took an hour rest by watching Prestige in HBO and had a warm shower afterwards. Now, I’m here sitting in front of my laptop blogging about my past few days…

Remember my husband’s interviews? The first one was in Excel Asia (Call Center), he did well in his interview and will be starting his training on March 8 for one week. It’s located in Alabang, which is far from our home, so we decided that he should take the other interviews as well. So for the next two interviews (which is from one company, I forgot the name though lol), he was asked to go back tomorrow for a written exam. Hopefully, he’ll pass this one since this job is located in Makati which is nearer compared to Alabang. We also pray that the salary in Makati is higher compared to the one in Alabang. 🙂 At least it would give us the edge and would also lessen our money problem.

Hmmm… What else? Actually, I’m having a lot of pretty boring and dull days, except of course when I play with my baby, but other than that… I feel like a couch potato whenever my baby is asleep so all I do is surfing for cute images online like kao-ani’s, glitter graphics, and the like.

Anyways, I’m off to taking care my baby again. She’s wide awake again!

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