What’s It Like Living in Ontario in 2022?

Ontario is a fascinating province to live in because it gives you the chance to pick your identity based on the city you live in. So whether you’re more interested in the incredible flexibility of the cities here, or you’re ready to start fresh wherever you land: there’s no place quite like Ontario.

Property Prices are Skyrocketing

Throughout the pandemic, all of North America saw skyrocketing property costs, unlike anything they’d seen before. In some areas, the price of homes rose by 20%, and in many places, a home would be off the market within four days of being listed.

This continues in 2022.

The housing market is still on fire, with properties rocketing to higher and higher prices and more and more people realizing that if they want to get a home at an affordable price, they have to do it now before it continues to rise.  

The consensus is that this isn’t a housing bubble, but it’s wild to watch the numbers inflate and homes for sale in Toronto go for so much more than they did in 2018. If you keep a close eye on the market, it looks like it’s going to grow through at least the end of the year- but there’s no telling how long that will last.  

Businesses Are Doing Better Than Ever

Ontario sees a huge uptick in businesses profiting and beginning. From the beginning of the pandemic, many companies have changed their plans or have reinvented themselves to be exactly what the modern customers need. This has resulted in more delivery services and more options for what services and items can be performed over the phone or online.  

Although some may see this as a bubble set to pop once life returns to what it was before the pandemic, there’s no way to be sure that this will happen. Businesses are thriving now, and there’s no way to predict what will come next perfectly.  

Crime Rates Are 30% Lower Than Peak in 2003

Ontario has the second-lowest crime rate out of all ten provinces, and it’s been getting better and better through the years. As the pandemic ripped through the country, professionals noted how far crime rates dropped until many crimes vanished entirely. Now that many are going back to their regular lives, 

There’s No End of New Experiences Popping Up

If you’re ready for new and fun experiences, you’ll find them in Ontario. Toronto is known for changing its personality every four to six years to fit what’s popular, and although this can be strange to watch if you’re new to it- it’s fantastic watching this metamorphosis happen. Although homes for sale in Toronto will always be expensive, it’s worth it to live in one of the most interesting cities in the world. 

Ontario is a One of a Kind Place

Whether you’re new to Ontario or you’re excited to try a new portion of the province out, there’s nothing else like it. The entertainment stays fun, the art and culture continue to grow, and Toronto shifts with the times like a chameleon; this is an incredible place to live. 

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