What I Have Accomplished This Day

I was a bit busy a while ago and was not able to finish my “To-Do List”. It’s already 3:18AM here and I do feel a little bit drowsy now, I think I should go to sleep in a few minutes, I’m just gonna finish this post and I’m off to bed. =)

So anyways, there were some unexpected things that I needed to attend to first before the other things listed in my list, thus the delay of some “internet chores”…

So as of today, this is what I’ve accomplished:

Somehow, I really take time visiting all the people in my blogroll, maybe one reason is my internet which has a so-so speed, and that I take time reading on their posts and updates. 🙂

Next is the dNeero chat… see an “X” mark there? It means that they don’t have any conversations right now. Oh well.

I was about to finish all my opps in PayU2Blog, but I raced on to Social Spark and tried grabbing at least one opp and I did manage to get 1, the “Fantasy Football Site…” thing. Since Social Spark has this 12 hour expiration, I thought of finishing this opp first before the PayU2Blog ones, which has almost a week expiration.

I also tried updating the Business Mars blog — did some posts, and also checked on the tagboard, which actually had a lot of exchange link requests. So from the lonely 1 membered blogroll, it was populated by bloggers around the world (okay not too much though).

I wanted to do some layouts, but got a bit too lazy, so I’m putting it off tomorrow. Also for the GPT read ads, due to my semi-slow internet connection, I cannot really open up a lot of tabs in my Mozilla Firefox 3, or my laptop will just keep on trying to load all the pages. It would take ages! LOL!

So there! I’m off to bed to catch some Z’s!

Oh please don’t forget to vote for me mmkay? ^_^ Love yah all! ^_^

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  1. @tey: yeah stressful… blogging keeps our minds off of the stress 😛

    @anneberly: thanks dear 🙂

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