What Do You Think of Bird Watching as a Hobby?

Vacation time is near and it’s one thing that’s stressing me out. Why? Because I need to think of fun activities to make my kids’ stay at home worthwhile. Imagine, they would be spending almost two and a half months at home with nothing to do than sleep, eat and play. I’m pretty sure that a couple of days into said routine, my kids, most particularly my boy, would get bored that’s why I’m looking for the perfect activity; something which he has never tried before.

I have an idea but I’m not sure if it’s feasible. What is it? Bird watching! Yes, I read about bird watching the other day and I got to thinking that maybe it would be a fun activity for my son this summer, not to mention educational too. Of course, he might demand for a bushnell spotting scope to make his bird watching more exciting. So what do you think? Will bird watching be a great summertime hobby for my son?

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