Went Through A Lot Just To Get A Maid

Fellow mommy bloggers, citizens of the world, hear me out…

Beware of people who are “too willing” to do a favor for you. They will most likely ask for money in exchange of their service. I’m not a stingy person and I’m willing to give out incentives to anyone as long as they satisfy my needs, but what just happened earlier was just too much.

Someone (I’m not going to mention any names here, I still respect their privacy) was good enough to refer someone to work as a our babysitter. I was happy and thankful so I told her to drop by our house and get me and the babysitter acquainted. Then she told me that “the company” has a policy that the one hiring (me) should pay Php1,500 to the person who referred me the babysitter, and an additional Php1,000 advance for the babysitter’s transporation which will be deducted on the first salary. I asked why I need to pay her such a big amount, she told me that the money is a compensation for the transportation expenses, food, etc… Still… Php1,500??? You got to be kidding! At first I agreed to give the advance Php1,000 payment to the babysitter thinking that she came all the way from her province just to work, but I soon found out that she lives in Novaliches! So they are basically just eating off from other’s money! And I also heard form a reliable source that they purposely ask the babysitter to stop working after 6 months, then ask for additional money for them to look for another one.

Sheesh. It was fortunate for us that our roomboy knew someone that could work as our babysitter! So now, I have a babysitter starting Friday! Thank you Kuya Jun! (Although he can’t read this).

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