Watching IMBESTIGADOR Opened Up My Mind

I am not an avid fan of this TV show however, just a while ago, I watched the show and they were airing a rather gruesome fact about my countrymen… If you weren’t able to watch the episode a while ago, here are the stories:

1st Story: Dogs are man’s bestfriend, or are they?
Some people maltreat their dogs, and no matter what happens, these little cuddly pets stay loyal to their owners still. Dogs help and save lives, they even show love to other people especially to patients who are undergoing therapy using their sense of fun and belongingness. It aids lower the blood pressure by giving joy and calmness to the patients.

But somehow, there are people who take away these pets and sell their meat for money. Yes, they kill these ever-so-loving dogs for their own selfish being, and they know that it is against the law. They get Php12,000 for 8 dogs, and couldn’t care less for the animal. The show even featured decapitated parts of the dogs. I was crying when I saw the dogs being chopped up and my heart was sinking down the drain. I was eating my dinner that time I lost my appetite. =(  The sad part is that one of the dog killers/tradrs is a nephew of the I just can’t believe that there are cold-hearted people in this country. I just can’t believe why they don’t just stick with beef, pork or chicken, which are considered as food animals. Dog are considered as pet animals and not food animals! Good thing that the police captured the locals who were doing the illegal trading, killing and selling of dog meats. Although I bet that these police will only work when they are on TV, otherwise, they couldn’t care less as well. I would even bet that there is one in a thousand policemen who eats dog meats. I would certainly have him arrested! >_<

Story 2: Abortion = Death
I know that abortion means death for the unborn child, but in this case, not only did the baby died, the mom died as well. The method of abortion that was used by the syndicate to a poor young lady was by using Cytotec. It is a medicine used to treat ulcer problems and should be given the proper dosage by a doctor, and should not be used to induce labor. A lot of syndicates are found near Quiapo church, and it’s really sad to know that a lot of people sell this product in front of a church, where are their conscience? And not to mention a police car is in front of them, and yet no one is stopping them from selling the drugs to minors…

I do admit that I myself almost bought that same drug when I got pregnant, but you know what? I’m just glad that I didn’t and as much as I wanted to abort my unborn baby once, I’m so much relieved that I didn’t pursue it and now I have my healthy and cute baby Julie Rayne who I love so much that I am ready to die for her.

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