Wasn’t Able To Go To TOYCON!!!

Yeah… It was unfortunate for me not to see those cool cosplayers during TOYCON due to some emotional and marital issues (let’s not discuss it here…) Anyways, thanks to one of my bestfriends, Dom, he sent me his pictures with the cosplayers! So might as well share it with you guys.

I’m not going to post all. Since they are quite a lot. I will just choose the best ones (for me). Thanks Dom!

Presenting my bestfriends Domingo and EJ (the big guy in red, you will not miss him I promise. 😛 )

Whew! That’s quite a lot! But I bet you know which one is EJ now!? LOL!
I wish I was there… That could’ve been me in those pictures! Oh well, next anicon then!

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  1. Ang saya ng ToyCon! Hopefully sa susunod na event you can drop by 🙂 Daming pictures ng friend mo ah!

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