Waiting For A Miracle Call

I called up the company that I was supposed to work with before the D&C incident, and told them I am ready and fit for work starting next week. I asked them when my training will be and somehow, I am not really satisfied with what the girl told me…. She asked for my full name and my contact number and then told me that the recruitment department will just call me for the schedule.

That isn’t half of what I was expecting. *sighs* So now I am left hanging. I do not know if I should wait for the call or should I start looking for a backup work in case they never call. My savings is on negative now, and I’m using my business capital for the family’s expenses. We need to pay my dad our debt which is around 50K from my child laboring, to the D&C operation. My hubby’s salary will only be approximately 5K only, due to their company’s training bond, that is not even half of our family’s expenses!!! I feel really down right now, and I am so desperate to make money online or offline! I am not greedy, I just really need those money to pay my debts, and buy milk for my baby Julie!

*sob* Life is not easy my friend. Life is full of challenges, and you should be prepared for them. As for me, I was not prepared that’s why I’m here blogging about waiting for a miracle call from the company.

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  1. that’s life sis…everything happens for a purpose…maybe something great is waiting for you…be patient….

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