I’m not in the mood for almost a week now… I have been thinking on how to save up for our family’s future, specially my baby Julie’s education. I know it’s too early to be thinking about this, but saving up for school is tough, specially if you want good education for your kid. I know I do…

My dad told me that it almost cost him millions for my education. Now I’m not saying that we are rich or something, it just means that both my parents worked hard just to make sure that they give me the best education I can get. How did they do it? Here’s the story:

My dad was a farmer and my mom was a sales lady in a not-that-renowned stall in Zamboanga when they were both young. Courtship took place and marriage came, they were still both not that wealthy people, but were emotionally, and financially, ready for a baby. My mom had a miscarriage who was supposed to be my big brother. And it took them a while for them to conceive me. They both traveled to Manila and started a business. My dad and my uncle shared the business, but it was my dad who managed the business mostly. My mom on the other hand, took advantage of the lodging business and put up a small “eatery” so the customers would eat there. She would wake up 2am in the morning to clean the house, start preparing food, and cook them.

She was selling her food like hotcakes! Yep, my mom cooks great food, and she would make around 500 pesos a day… Now that’s good earnings! Where would you find a job that would pay you 500 pesos a day??? My parents made a lot during those years, I was a toddler back then, and never thought how important money was, all I cared about was my toys. But not long after, my dad decided to put up his own lodging business. They invested what they made on the new business and made more from it. They decided to open another one in a new location, and after almost 5 years, my dad decided to close the first one and focused on the second one. There were a lot of things that happened after that, and now, my parents have 4 lodging businesses, 1 of which is under my name (how lucky am I???) This goes to show that they really love me even though I married my husband for the wrong reason…

Now what pisses me off is that not only do we stay here with my parents, my husband does not even do anything to help out here in the house! He locks himself inside our room for the WHOLE day, and would only show up when he’s getting coffee or eat… (Ang bastos diba?) He does not even have a job… For crying out loud! Where’s the “father figure”??? I am a working mom, but it doesn’t mean that he should not be working then just because I’m working! C’mon, you are staying in my parent’s place! Don’t you feel any shame?!?!

I have spoken to him about this for God knows how many times, but all I get is a broken promise, whenever he gets a job, he never stayed for even a year! And it takes him, what, 3-4 months to get another one?! The best solution that I am looking at is for us to have a business of our own. But the thing is, where do I get our capital for the business if my salary is JUST ENOUGH for the family?!?!

I seriously am not in the mood, I have been thinking about this for a week now. I’m even thinking of looking for a place to stay, somewhere that will force him to work to pay off bills, since the food, electricity, water, even internet that he is using are all FREE (thanks to my parents!) ARRRRGH!!! My dad was asking me few days ago…. “How much money have you saved up for your baby’s future?” My answer…. SILENCE. Seriously, if you would ask the same question to me, my answer is… ZERO, NADA, WALA!!! Not even a single cent! I should secretly open a bank account for myself and deposit money every payday… What you guys think?

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  1. Hope you feel better now..I understand what you feel. It’s good idea to deposit money every payday and no matter what happen don’t spend it:-). Don’t worry sis , kayang kaya mo yan. You’re very lucky for having a great wonderful parents. My parents are the same too. I’m so proud of them.

  2. you are blessed in the first place anyway because you have very supportive and loving parents since you are young.

    how your parents supported you is the exact opposite of your husband desire.

    if you want to tell all you want with your husband: just hold his hand while you talk with your daughter, im sure it will melt his heart away. just a simple advice. im a husband too.

  3. thanks Gina and deejay. I think I’m okay now. We decided to open up a small food business instead so that he’d earn while at home. Better Idea right? 💡

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