Vampire Academy

After the Twilight Saga addiction, my co-worker Mitch lent me book 1 of the 6-book series of Vampire Academy. Honestly at first it didn’t catch any attention as far as the storyline went, but when I encountered the main character’s forbidden “love scenes”, I knew I would love the book.

Right after I finished book 1, I didn’t even ask Mitch for book 2, I got myself a PDF version which I read using my PSP. Admittedly, I’m very much addicted to vampire-love-young-adult books that I can’t help myself dreaming of them. Anyways, I won’t spoil any part of the book (though I already mentioned about the teacher-student love affair of the main character — oops) but if you have time, read the book and tell me if you enjoyed it. 😉

Currently, I’m at book 5… and I can’t wait for book 6 to be released this December!


  • hmm, looks interesting to me. i’ll check if it’s available in the nearest bookstore here. and i hope the female protagonist isn’t as clumsy as bella swan in twilight. thanks for the heads up on vampire academy. =)

    • She’s actually the “tough guy” part of the story. 😉 You’ll love it. The vampire romance’s addicting. Tell me when you’ve already read the book. ^_^

  • Get OUT! OMG, I love love love the Vampire Academy books. I actually posted about that not too long ago, how I’m addicted to teen vampire novels. Have you read the House of Night series? Also very good. Honestly I think I’ve read all the different series at this point. I’m running out of vampires! lol

    I’m a new visitor to you from MBC and I’d love for you to come visit me at 🙂

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