Useful Graduation Gift

Supposing you were a student at this time and you are a graduating one at that, what would you want to receive as gift? I had to ask because as far as I can remember, when I graduated from high school and college, the gifts I received consisted mainly of clothes and accessories.

I never got the chance to receive something of real value. Not that I didn’t appreciate what I have been given. But to tell you quite frankly, as I look back now, I wish someone gave me money as graduation gift. You might be wondering why I chose money over other things.

Well, if I received money back then, I would have invested it on something or maybe put it in time deposit. At least I can be sure that the money was put to good use and that I was able to make it grow enough so that my family could benefit from it, too. So let’s go back to the question at the get-go. What would you want or what did you want to receive as gift on your graduation?

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