USB And College

USB flash drives were so popular when I was in college. Almost everyone in the class had one — not me. There were different designs, different gimmicks, all of which made college life easier for some since most of the professors’ lectures were in Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation. Most of my classmates were able to copy the lectures using their flash drive and as resourceful as I am, I usually asked one of my classmates who owned a USB flash drive to email me the lectures. I survived my entire college life just by taking down notes and listening to the class attentively, but of course, it’s normal to miss some pointers, so it was still best to have a copy of the lecture.

It was really great for the inventors of USB flash drives to come up with a great innovation. It really made life a bit easier. Thank you great inventors!

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  1. I would love to exchange links! Your blog is so cute!

    Oh and in relation to this particular post, I love USB flash drives! They are so much more convenient than disks and CDs! I don’t know what I would do without mine! :o)

  2. OMG.. you didn’t have one too? It was a real hassle especially when teachers upload your notes online and you could only view them using the DLSU computers.

    I bought myself one at the latter part of my college life, I needed it badly because we didn’t have a good internet connection or a functioning printer at home and people weren’t accepting floppy disks anymore. I had to do most of my work and assignments at school or at internet cafe. It was a real hassle, not to mention very costly.

    On the other hand, these sort of issues helps build up one’s innovation, tolerance and character. 😀 Glad we managed to overcome that problem and are now part of the working force! 😀

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