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The last two days of work before my day-off (Wednesday and Thursday), was THE most depressing days ever.

I work on a sales team right? And for that, we have our daily quota to reach, or at least make one sale. But unfortunately, during those 2 days, I got no sale at all. Imagine that! I was so unlucky that I received a lot of Customer Care based questions, and most of them were regarding the shipping date of their ALREADY PURCHASED computer. Now how will I sell a computer to someone who already purchased one, and is waiting for it to be delivered to their house? Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I’m just saying this because I wasn’t able to sell anything. Now, now hold on a second. There were a lot chats and most of them are, if not Customer Care based questions, disconnected chats. I’m not even done with configuring a system and the customer just disconnects without even leaving a number to contact them. So frustrating! Some were even tech chats! Asking me almost every thing about the parts of the computer like the motherboard, processor, hard drive, RAM, etc., then after which, saying thank you and disconnects the chat, not even giving me the chance to ask them if they would like me to help them configure a system. Dang. I even had 3 potential sales and all of them didn’t want to give their credit card information through our call back specialists. They wanted to order online! Hmmm now let’s just assume that they THINK that online purchases are SAFER compared to the call back. I do wish that they don’t get hacked, like what happened to me once.

This is the worst part: I had a sure sale already. I called him / her back and when he / she was about to give his / her CV on his / her credit card, he / she asked me which country I was in. I told him / her that I’m in the Philippines, and he suddenly declined on giving his credit card info. What the hell?! Like I’m going to give his / her credit card information to anyone. I work with the company and if I did give out any credit card information, I might as well say “bye bye” to my job, which I can’t gamble on, I have my baby Julie Rayne to feed and with no job, I might as well die! Argh! Oh well. I do understand that he / she is afraid of giving out any sensitive information overseas, so I just let it go. Good luck to him finding the right person to contact.

So now, I am hoping that my shift later will be better. I’m praying that I’ll close at least 2 boxes of computers. I need to cope up with my 2 zero sales!

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  1. i understand your frustration..my husband work as a computer tech and now in a virizon fios which is all about television. and ur right, his problems is same as urs.. sometimes i wanted him to quit but there is no choice but to stay put on his job. it sucks.

    well..voted u here mama..have a nice day!!!

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