Updates on Last Week’s Work

So what happened to me last week? Well let’s see, my chats were, as usual, more often than not, disconnected. Like you are just about to ask for the sale and people just disconnects the chat without saying goodbye. How rude. People even use us for Customer Care services, while it is very clear on our opening speils that we are on a SALES chat. I don’t get it. I wonder why there are a lot of people who are so lazy to even follow the link that I give them. It’s like spoonfeeding a big baby. It’s really annoying. Some were even prank chats. My co-worker used the name that the customer provided for the chat and you know what the custmomer told my co-worker? “How dare you call me ****, you biatch, who are you to call me ****??? You mofo!” etc. etc. Hmmm so let’s see, if the customer doesn’t want to be called by the name that he provided, then how is he / she going to be addressed then? Also, there are even some chatters who keeps asking for discounts to the extent that the price is already on promotion and that it is already discounted to its maximum, and the customer wants 50% more discount. WOW! It seems that the customer wants a free laptop then! I hate those types of customers. And if you don’t satisfy their uber discounts, they disconnects. How frustrating! But the most annoying and the most number of customers that I got was regarding their requests for earlier shipping date. As I’ve said, we are on the sales team, so it is best for them to go to our customer care team, right? But no. They don’t want to go to the customer care. They want to swear the hell out of themselves at me, like it will do any good to their shipping? Some people are just so stubborn, and hard-headed. It’s like when you bang their head into the wall, the wall cracks and not their head. That’s how HARD their heads are!

So just to summarize, I got a lot of potential sales but they just won’t give their credit information through our callback specialists. They would rather have it done online. Oh well. I f they want to risk being hacked, so be it. Yeah that’s sour-graping. LOL!

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