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Gosh… Call center training can be really draining. Obviously, this is the main reason why I wasn’t active in the blogosphere this past 2 days. Well, to keep you updated, here is what happened. ^_^

My first day was so-so. To be honest, it was a bit boring since all we discussed was about the house rules and regulations. We did some activities, and there was this one about drawing a pig activity, which shows your personality through your drawing. So anyways, we have a 30-minute coffee break and a 1-hour “lunch break” (it’s in quotations since we take our so-called lunch at around 4AM). I didn’t know that there would be 2 breaks, so I was forced to spend for my lunch food (I only brought a sandwich that time).

We talked about the US – their map, their culture, and their time zones. We had a text the next day with a blank US map, wherein we put there the States and their abbreviations. I felt weird that I already memorized it, but I do not know my own map. LOL!!!

For the second day, as I’ve said a while ago, we took a blank US map test, then we discussed about the nosebleeding, headaching, tenses (please be reminded that we took up the dreaded perfect and perfect progressive tenses >_____< ), and the prepositions (I hate them, really.). I was never good in English. Not to mention we did essay writing! YIKES! You know what? I just thought of it as an OPP. He. He. He. So that I would at least have something to make me want to write, but of course passing the training is the big reason. So there. It is really draining – I slept when I got home at 9AM a while ago, and woke up 4PM. Now I’m here updating my blog. It’s a good thing that I have Saturdays and Sundays off. =)

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  1. its like going back to school. my supervisor was once a call center agent, and man, does she have stories. yeah, i heard you have to memorize all the states and holidays and some even try to make you adopt a western accent. not to mention, i heard really short bathroom times, nerve-wrecking multi-tasking and some really nasty customers.

    your daughter ought to appreciate you for all that sacrifices you are going through for her.

    the best of luck to you.

  2. hi! please join my daily drops ring…I would be dropping by AND commenting to your posts daily or as often as I can. I’m making this ring because I do love reading your posts and commenting but it is just so hard to follow through even when I have you on my reader. Hope you would join. Thanks! Click here for the link.

  3. haha… i agree…

    nagtry din ako niyan dati pero d ko kinaya.. kasi the clients are rude (not all of cors)… masakit sa heart..

    pero I have many friends too who have been working in BPO’s as cc agents and are happy

    gud luck 🙂

  4. @kwagoo: Hehehe, I’m not asking her to appreciate me, but I do hope she will realize that in the near future…

    @zriz: I’ll be joining. thanks!

    @pchi: LOL! Well I guess being in a chat account does give the advantage of NOT hearing my customers shouting or saying bad words. 😉

    @imelda: thanks and sure we can xlinks 🙂

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