Upcoming Team Building

We were the number 1 team last February, thus we were given the privilege to have a team block off this coming Mar. 21 and 22. Our team captain decided that we go to Baguio and have our team building there. Maybe if we were really rich and all that, we could have taken Vegas vacations (wishful thinking). We were also allowed to bring anyone we wish to, so I’m tagging hubby and baby Julie along. I’m really excited that not only will this be my baby Julie’s first time to Baguio, but this will also be her first time to travel north. I know for sure that she’ll love Baguio’s cool air and atmosphere. :grin:

I had stayed in Baguio when I was young with my cousins Joanna and Arjay for almost few months, but I was a kid back then so I don’t really remember anything in Baguio besides Burnham Park. LOL! I can’t wait and take pictures of whatever will happen, that is if I get my cellphone fixed. Yes it won’t turn on — again (right after a full charge on the battery). I may be going to Greenhills later after my shift to get it fixed… :sad: Wish me luck!

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  1. cold baguio is the place i have dreamed but far away from my home place. i hope someday i can visit this summer capital in our country…although too tiring for a long trip.

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