Unlimited Time Tunnel

Difficult is worth doing, don’t you agree? It gives you the sense of satisfaction after you have accomplished that task. Just like in life, once you have overcome God’s big challenge to you, you feel so blessed, and you know that life is worth living.

Just like these people who made the new Honda Accord tv advertisement called “Jump”. They had to practice a lot of jumps and choreographies in and out of MID AIR to perfect the advertisement. At first you would think, why do these people need to engage in something so difficult and waste their time on doing the advertisement? Well, if you watch the ad, you will be amazed on how well they have done! For me, a big salute for the guys and gals!

Honda just makes the best ads. And they don’t make ads just for the sake of having ads, but like the Honda Accord “Jump” ad, they make sure that they convey their message regarding the quality, and integrity of Honda Accord, from the steering and suspension, using the sky and skydivers as their “tool”. How creative is that?

So always remember, not all difficult things are worth nothing. Life is difficult, and it worths a lot!

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