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September 22, 2010

If he could, my hubby would have probably transformed into a “Super Saiyan” when he entered our babysitter’s room. The room is a mess, and I do mean A MESS. It’s like planet Nemic during the battle of Son Gokou and Freeza lol. Dirty clothes on the floor and dust so thick that if you add water to it, it will turn to concrete. But the part where my hubby really snapped was when he smelled a stench so unbearable, he described it as a hoodia gordonii (a stinky but a useful medical plant) and durian (a stinky but very tasty fruit) mixed together. My hubby was so mad he sent the babysitter out and cleaned the room himself…

  1. Hi Maricel…

    That’s awful. That’s kind of your hubby to clean her bedroom. Hopefully she’s not that sloppy when it comes to your little girl.

    Have a great week ahead…and thanks for visiting…

    Mommy J

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