Twilight Saga: New Moon Poster

Being a self-proclaimed, certified, true Twilight addict, I swear to all the Gods in the world that I will watch
kao_cheering Twilight Saga: New Moon kao_cheering
in theaters on
November 20, 2009!

Here’s the official poster of the said movie (not a fan made, not photoshop-ed by your neighbor, not a fake), which was released by MTV Movies Blog. Enjoy!


PS: Both guys look hot! heart_bounce

Also from MTV Movies Blog:
They will be airing a never been shown movie clip of the upcoming film on May 31st, 9PM CT (so that’s Monday 9AM here in the Philippines) during MTV Movie Awards 2009 *sob I’m sure to miss this one coz I’m at work!*, and they will also be showing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen clips too!!! So if you don’t have work like I do, you seriously need to forget everything (and I do mean everything) and lock yourself in your room and watch the most awaited MTV Movie Awards 2009!!!

7 Replies to “Twilight Saga: New Moon Poster”

  1. wow , Im definitely excited for this.. i will surely watch it on theater kahit hapit nako manganak ana sis.. hahaha

  2. Hope you enjoy it, sweetie! ;D I’m not a Twilight fan, but wish you to have a lot of fun with the new movie :3

  3. Excited to watch that. Anyway can I ask how did you customize your wordpress just like your blog? thanks.

  4. @Luana, I’ll certainly enjoy it, though I have to wait for November 20 to totally enjoy the moment. 🙂

    @ gengen, left you a message in your taggy. 🙂

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