TV and Games for Moms

There are many housewives, or what we call stay at home moms, who are pretty much glued to the television many hours in the day. They can watch the shows of one station from sunrise to sundown. In the morning, the TV is on while they are doing their chores. In the afternoon, after washing the dishes, they would sit down in front of set and eventually just drift off to sleep. After dinner, it can continue. It is no wonder then that local TV programming is really catered to this market.

There is another kind of mommies though who like to play games like mahjong or bingo. It is like a social group that they gather, talk, play, and eat. Others play online, like on Foxy Bingo, just so they can pass the time while the children are in school. Or they do this when the kids are already asleep and in preparation for bed because it winds them down from the day’s activities.

While actual playing can be good because of its social nature, online gaming can also be therapeutic for mothers. They have something to do at the end of the day that will get their minds off the day’s stressors. After some time, their eyes get tired and then they are off to sleep. At least here, they do not have to talk or take the effort to dress up and meet somebody. It is like their “nothing mode” equivalent to their husband’s no-brainer activities at night.

Not everyone does these things though. It is really “to each her own”. A mother just has to find something that she likes doing to de-stress herself because it is not easy being a mother…and of course, a wife. It can be watching TV, playing games or reading—just do something that will relax you at the end of the day.

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