Trading Hours

My usual routine was getting up at around 8am and start my day by taking care of the baby: feed her her daily baby cereals, give baby Julie a nice warm bath, rock her to sleep, dust and clean our room, sometimes sterilize the feeding bottles, and fill the thermos with freshly boiled water. After the daily household chores, I would rather sit back and relax for a bit and watch TV for a couple of hours or plain surf the internet. Usually after not long enough, baby Julie will wake up and there goes my day with the baby! Playing with her in our bed and watch her locomotive progress everyday until the break of dawn. After that, I’ll wait until around 9pm and get myself ready to do some serious ad-clicking. Then I’ll do my surfings around the internet until around 12am… Then it is my husband’s turn to use the laptop for his gaming pleasure.

But just a while ago… My husband gave me a proposal on switching places with me… Not on the household chores side but on the LAPTOP side… He told me that he will use the laptop on mornings and I’ll use it on evening… It’s okay with me but the thing is, I woke up 8am a while ago, took care of the baby, did all the household chores, and he expects me to use the laptop late at night and still take care of the baby… All he did today was slept 7am because of was playing too much games, woke up 1 pm, used the laptop to play more games until 10pm and slept again… Now I’m here in front of this laptop sleepy and dizzy…

The reason why I agreed on this was because he will be looking for a job tomorrow so he needs to sleep early tonight… Actually he was about to look for one a while ago but since he slept 7am, and the fact that he sleeps like a freaking log, he couldn’t get up early… So who do I blame for this? I don’t know…

I’m still pissed about him not having a job until now… It has almost been a month and our money is seriously running low… If he doesn’t find a job quick, we will be dead broke. Anyways, I’m so sleepy and I shouldn’t stay in front of the laptop any longer or I’ll literally bust my head off and sleep in front of it… >_____<

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