Toy Hunt – Square Toys

It’s my first time to join toy hunt, and since there are a lot of toys here (from my little brother to my baby Julie’s box of toys), I decided to join this meme.

This week, they are featuring “Square Toys”… Here is my own square toy:

toy hunt - square toy
toy hunt - square toy

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3 Replies to “Toy Hunt – Square Toys”

  1. Yup this is the Popular square toy ,, and this one is already done…. Hummm,,, I cant do it .. I can finish 2 or 3 color and then thats it,, not good at this waaaaa!!!
    have a nice day

  2. @Joy D: I got addicted to this toy before…. LOL! I’m not as fast as my friend (who can arrange this toy for less than 20 seconds), I on the other hand takes a minute or two to finish this! Yikes!!!

    @Chris: ooohhh yeah we do! 🙂

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