Top 5 Tips to Reduce Your Air Conditioner Use This Summer

Your air conditioner is a necessity in the summer months if you want to stay cool. Unfortunately, running the air all the time can cause your electric bills to skyrocket. Use these five tips to help you reduce your air conditioner use while remaining as comfortable as you possible can in your house.

1. Open your windows at night. Letting cool air in when it’s around is essential. Just make sure you close your windows before it gets really hot in the morning or you’ll have to run the air conditioner all day long.

2. Get your ducts inspected. Leaking air ducts can make you run your air longer to cool the house since the cool air never actually escapes your vents. You should also consider a duct cleaning Burlington AC contractors provide if you have an older home.

3. Replace your filters regularly. Most air conditioners need a filter change about once a month to run efficiently. An air conditioning Burlington service provider can help you locate your filter and show you the right type the first time during a service call if need be.

4. Use a programmable thermostat to set the temperature higher when you’re asleep or at work. You can set it to be a more comfortable temperature when you’re awake, but your bills will be lower if you actually use the programmable part.

5. Use a fan and increase the temperature by two degrees. Fans cool your skin, not the air, but they can make you feel comfortable when you might otherwise feel a bit too warm.

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