Tips on You Baby Boy’s Wardrobe

While it’s so exciting to invite a new baby boy into the family, you might run into one tricky issue. The issue involves attire. If you visit many clothing stores, you might notice that there are tons of selections of cute little girls.

Dressings, rompers, and onesies are in abundance for the precious baby princess. Unfortunately, the pickings tend to be a lot slimmer for baby boys. However, there are tricks to the trade. You can still dress a stylish baby boy with a few tricks. Consider these high and low tips you can use to dress your baby boy.

1. High Tip: Invest in pieces like suits. If you purchase two or three suits, you can easily mix and match the pieces. Your son can wear different bow ties, button-up onesies and other accessories in order to diversify the look.

2. Low Tip: Onesies are easy to put on. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a pack of onesies. You can also find cute ones with embroidered quotes. If you combine a onesie with a cotton pair of pants, this is an easy option for the baby to wear on a daily basis. Besides, most babies need to be changed multiple times a day. A onesie is an ideal option to change the baby in.

3. High Tip: Invest in durable shoes the baby can grow into. Don’t choose the exact size all the time. Click here to take a look at some of the stylish boots, loafers and other options you can dress your baby boy in.

4. Low Tip: While it’s nice to shop at high-end stores and purchase stunning pieces, it’s okay to mix it up with items from thrift stores. Some people might stick their nose up at the concept of shopping for baby clothes at a second-hand shop. Don’t purchase undergarments like onesies, socks and bibs from thrift stores. Purchase overcoats, vests, and pants. After you purchase the items, throw them in the washer and bleach them well.

Thanks to these high and low tips, you’ll be able to create a well-rounded budget that’s specifically dedicated to your son’s wardrobe. When you stay on top of what fits and what’s needed, you won’t struggle to figure out where to purchase specific items.

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