Tips for Moms Starting a New Job

Whether you’re returning to work after having a baby or rejoining the job market after taking years off to raise your children, it’s essential to address issues that can affect your effectiveness, work and life balance and the impression you make on your colleagues. With a little preparation, you’ll not only be able to juggle your personal and professional life, but also succeed in your new career in the process.

Meet Expectations

Throughout your hiring and orientation process, ensure you understand what will be expected of you in your new position. Asking supervisors and teammates what duties and deadlines you’ll need to meet will enable you to create a schedule that enables you to complete your work effectively without compromising your time spent with family. Be sure to ask for regular feedback that will enable you to make adjustments to your plan and performance.

Arrange Childcare

Give yourself peace of mind while you’re at the office by arranging reliable and trustworthy people to watch your children while you’re at work. If you’re unable to find a relative or neighbor to babysit, research child care centers near me Tampa FL to find one that’s recommended by friends or well-reviewed by community members. Be sure to visit potential facilities with your children to find the one that suits your expectations and their personalities.

Set Boundaries

Although you may be captivated by your new job, you’ll still need to be present to complete duties at home and want to be available for your family’s special occasions and activities. In addition to communicating how many hours you’re willing to work and whether or not you’re available for weekend and overtime projects, learn to say no at the office if co-workers continually try to hand their responsibilities to you, for instance.

Spending time away from your children to head into the office can be a sacrifice. Yet taking time for yourself to advance professionally can also be a rewarding experience to earn extra income for the family, take on new challenges and exert your independence.

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