Tips for Getting Kids To Participate in Pick-Up Time

If you’ve ever tripped over stray toys in the middle of the night, you’ve probably been tempted to hide every last one. In a perfect world, kids could easily be taught to stop scattering toys around like rainbow sprinkles. If such an effort seems futile, maybe you haven’t gotten creative enough. Here are four suggestions to get kids to participate in pick-up time.

Get Clever Storage

When you’re using plain old boxes as storage, or just piling toys in a corner, there’s very little appeal to putting things away. However, using clever solutions like storage beds Chicago can make it fun to stow away toys and hide them when not in use. This makes sprucing-up quick and easy.

Hold a Contest

Making clean-up time enjoyable sounds like a challenge, but it can work like a charm. Think of interesting games such as separating toys by color and calling out a name for each color. See who can get their colors put away the fastest. You can also offer a favorite bedtime story when the job is done.

Give Toys a Home

When every toy has its own spot in a child’s room, nighttime organization can be a lot more orderly. Make each place the toy’s “house” to which it must return to. If kids see that toys need to return to their homes for bedtime too, it makes it simpler to understand.

Set a Time Limit

There’s no doubt that kids are smart, but their attention spans can wane. That’s why giving small children an hour to straighten-up never works. Instead, set a very short time limit when then can hustle and feel the immediate reward upon finishing. Get crafty and use the end of a song as a deadline, or a five-minute sand timer.

Make It Entertaining

While there will probably never be a time when your kids won’t need to be reminded to tidy-up, there are certainly ways to make it more entertaining. Plus, you’re teaching them valuable skills they’ll need as they grow. 

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