Tilt, Tuck, and Tighten

Finally got myself a copy of Hip Hop Abs instructional videos and tried it out! Yep, I’m still targeting my core ever since I gave birth which was almost 3 years ago. It seems that I never got my slim figure back. But I’m really determined to get my 23-inch waistline back. So I decided to try Hip Hop Abs. It’s technically the same as what I’ve been doing every Tuesday morning in gym (aerobics), but this one targets the abs. Along with Hip Hop Abs, I’m also looking for the best weight loss pills that I can take to hasten its effect.

But honestly, I think I might have a hard time keeping up, considering my work load – toxic!!! I’m really jealous of my best friend’s hobby – Parkour. I want to be able to jump and do stunts as well. I was supposed to try it, but then again, it boils down to my work… Should I start considering other work? 😆 For now, I’ll keep the job, hoping for a nice turn around of events. Anyways, off to taking a quick shower after my 20 minute rest after my “Tilt, Tuck, and Tighten” session! :blush:

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