Thoughts On Rugs

Rugs are just a floor covering. A better word for a rug is carpet and think carpet sounds more sophisticated than the word rug. Why do I keep mumbling about rugs? Well, let’s just say that I’m having thoughts on getting a rug for my room… Here’s the story.

My baby Julie Rayne has turned 1 year old just last July 14, and guess what? Ever since then she just loves sitting on the floor and play with anything she sees. It’s really a bit scary because all we have here in my room is a cemented floor covered with pieces of linoleum. Since those pieces are easily torn off with brute force (which my Julie has), she can tear them off out in no time. I really pity our floor. That’s why I wanted to renovate it and cover it will maybe tiles or something. But unfortunately, since we are just renting this place, my dad told me not to invest on something like that anymore. It would be like giving out the tiles and renovation to the owner of the place. My dad told me it’s better off this way and just save the money up for future use, like maybe when I already own a house (not rented), I can do whatever renovations I have in mind for it, but for now, we’ll just stick to what we have. (Typical thrifty Chinese eh?). Anyways, taking his advice into mind, I am now thinking of just buying a rug and maybe place a barrier, like a fence all over it and place my baby Julie inside, and let her crawl. I just wanted to make sure that she will not dive into the floor and hit her head into our cemented floor or something.

It was a good thing that I came across a website that offers cheap rugs. I went on and browse more on that website and saw that they have many kinds of rugs like printed, plain, silk, wool, etc. I am not really good when choosing a rug, but based from what I’ve seen in the site, the rugs there are quite interesting and of course — cheap. The area rugs that they offer are more of the clearance rugs which offers as high as 85% off list! They do change the list of the clearance rugs every day because they sell like hotcakes, so please do check them out.

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