They Finally Called!

As I was taking my daily nap a while ago (yes, I call it a nap instead of sleep because it only lasts for around 5 hours or less), my dad called out my name and told me that I have a phone call.

Me: “Hello?”
Caller: “Hi Maricel? This is **** from (the company), I just want to verify that you called last week asking for the schedule of the next training for Dell Chat Account?
Me: “Yes!” (Excited)
Caller: So I believe that you already had sign the contract for the June 2 training, but I can probably pull that out and change that June 30. So you’ll be having your training on June 30.
Me: June 30 then! That would be great! What time will that be?
Caller: We still don’t have the exact time, and we’ll just call or text you for an update. By the way, what’s your cellphone number?
Me: 0916-XXX-XX27
Caller: Okay, please expect our call or text for the update. Thank you very much.
Me: Alright Ma’am, thank you too!

YAY!!! They finally called! So I will be starting my work on June 30! Wish me luck!

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