The unhappy “once upon a time” finally ended with “happily ever after”. Our fight was finally over. Here’s the scoop:

I was so hungry that time that I forced myself to cook something nice… for us. I went out to buy groceries and looked for something that I could prepare. When I came back home, I went straight to the kitchen and cooked something “special”. After I was done plating the dish, I asked him to get the food from our kitchen and bring it to our room.

We finally talked to each other while eating and I jokingly told him that that meal was for our anniversary, but got delayed due to the fight… Anyways, I’m just glad that we’re okay.

Here is the food that I prepared, my own homemade spaghetti with store-bought doughnut as side dish. It was a fulfilling meal especially when eaten with the one you love most.

The one with the white chocolate frosting doughnut was mine and the other one was his.

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