The Truth Is ALMOST Out There!

I “semi” told my mom that I’m pregnant… She told me that she had the gut feeling that I am pregnant all along. So anyways, I really didn’t tell her directly like “Mom, I’m pregnant.” It’s more like a:

Mom: I could see that you’re really becoming bigger and fatter… Are you sure you’re not pregnant?
Me: No… I’m not sure if I am pregnant…
Mom: Are you having menstrual delays?
Me: Yes.
Mom: How long has it been since your last menstruation?
Me: About 2 months now.
Mom: Then you’re pregnant.

And just that. I cannot really say that I have confirmed to my mom that I’m pregnant but, I guess in that conversation… at least it gave out sort of a hint that I have a 2-month baby in my womb…

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