The Rituals and Benefits Associated With Sauna Use

A steam sauna is a great way to relax after a stressful day at work or after going to the gym. The history of saunas can be traced back to early Finnish life. Ancient Finnish settlers incorporated the sauna into every aspect of their lives. Women would deliver babies in a sauna. If there was a holiday, a celebration, or a feast, people would gather in the sauna on the evening before the celebration. Even today, modern Finns do not see the sauna as a part of an old tradition that is to be forgotten. Even though sauna technology and steam sauana accessories have changed the sauna, it is still an important part of Finnish life.

Sauna Benefits

One of the most important benefits that comes from visiting a sauna is the way that it allows a person to completely relax their body and mind. A person walks out of a sauna with a sense of well-being. It allows them to take the stresses that their body accumulates throughout a hectic day and release them.

Proper Sauna Temperature

Most saunas are set at a temperature of between 60 degrees Celsius and 100 degrees Celsius. The temperature can be adjusted to meet a person’s personal taste. The goal of a sauna is to heat an enclosed room to a temperature that allows its occupant to sweat and at the same time breathe in moist air. When a person breathes in moist air, it benefits their respiratory system.

Rituals Surrounding Sauna Use

There are a lot of different rituals that people around the world have surrounding the use of a sauna. There is not just one proper sauna routine. Everyone should feel free to use their sauna in a way that makes them feel the most comfortable. As a general rule, people will go into a sauna and sit on a bench. The higher up they sit, the hotter the air will be. After sitting in the sauna for a while, some will start to gently beat themselves with birch twigs that are called vihta. When a person feels they’ve had enough of the heat, they can get out of the sauna, cool down, hop into the shower, or go for a swim in a swimming pool. Then they can reenter the sauna and repeat the process as many times as they would like until they feel completely relaxed.

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