The Pressure Is ON!

There was a team distribution almost 2 weeks ago because the company I am working in chose to “revive” a previous segment of chat… I’m not really going to post details about it to protect the identity, and I think it’s not allowed to. LOL! Any how, I was chosen to be part of that segment and that was when I started to feel the pressure every single shift… Not only are the goal / metrics higher :!:, I need to be super techy as well since there are still some computer terms I am not familar with :?::?::?:, I know I’m not perfect and super smart to know everything about computers, but I’m willing to learn step by step, little by little.

Another thing that keeps the pressure up is that my team captain is really competitive, she wants the team to be always on the top of the game, and since I’m one of the team’s “close-r” (which means the last few persons on the floor), our team captain expects a lot from me, from us. So if we ended the day failing, I feel like it’s all my fault…. So the pressure is on. Now that it’s my rest day, I’m taking the two days resting my stressed brain and refresh myself up for the upcoming challenges. Yikes! :shock:

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