Hahaha! This will be the look on my face if I want to spark an interest on you. LOL! Maybe I’m giving the wrong impression to that guy next to me, he’s walking away! 😛

Anyways, each and everyone of us has this “look” that we give to someone we deem interesting. A little flirty look will do the trick, just stroke you hair smoothly and then flip it to gain attention. Make sure you are looking straight into the eyes of the one you’re flirting with.

There are a lot of ways to flirt non-verbally, and most of my experiences include a faint, shy smile from a guy, but with a sparkle on their eyes. Now take note that these are past experiences. I don’t know now, but I rarely try noticing them since I’m already married. I wouldn’t want to entertain the “look”.

For those who want their “look” to be effective, Extreme Style by VO5 suggests a Victory Hair makeover to add a finish on that “look”.

But if you are hesitant to go out and show off your look, then let’s just play the Ultimate Flirting Championship game! Let’s see if you’re good with flirting. =P

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