The ‘Hello Orion’ tag

I got this tag from Luana! Thanks dearie! 🙂

Little Orion AIBO

Little Orion, robotic son of Luana, says hi to the world! And wants to know more about you. Make him happy?

It’s very simple to make little Orion happy!

1- Post 5 facts about yourself.
a. I was a hard core gamer.
b. Violet lover.
c. I’m a call center agent.
d. I love to blog.
e. I started a family of my own at the age of 21…

2- Post a photo of yourself.

Baby Julie and Me
Baby Julie and Me!

3- Share this tag!
I’m sharing this to all the bloggers in my blogroll. :cute:

*** Select the whole tag and get its HTML codes to repost it on your blog. Do not remove the links on the picture and on Luana’s name! ***

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