The Best Places to Install Exterior Lights Around a Residential Property

Exterior lights can enhance safety while making a landscape more appealing. If you want to totally redesign your yard with bold lights, there are several key areas where you should implement installation procedures.

Along a Path

A path serves one purpose, which is to direct people to a destination. When guests and residents walk on a path, they should stay on the foundation without accidentally stepping on your grass. During the night, the process of following a path can be somewhat challenging if the ground isn’t properly illuminated. To effectively lighten up a path, you’ll need to line up two light fixtures on both sides of the trail. If you want to maximum the coverage, space the fixtures eight inches apart.

Near a Pool

If you install exterior lights against your home in a pool area, you’ll light up the pavement that surrounds the swimming pool. These lights work well with lighting solutions that have a waterproof coating. At most stores, you’ll find waterproof lights in bold colors that can give a pool area a great visual effect. If you’re going to use these lights, always install them around the perimeter to prevent tripping.

Around a Patio

Patio lights are designed on a line, and each individual bulb hangs from the string. Thanks to the practical layout, you can arrange a line of bulbs over a table so that they can enhance the surroundings with soft light.

Next to a Shed

After the sun sets, natural light doesn’t enter a shed. Instead of using energy from the power grid to illuminate a small shed, light up the shed by surrounding it with solar lights. If certain areas inside of the shed are dim or dark, mount a few battery-powered lighting fixtures on the walls.

Each of these areas are great places to install exterior lighting. You can acquire proper fixtures by working with an exterior lighting ST Augustine FL company.

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