Thank A Bunch!

Thanks for all the comments left here from my old blogging friends, to the new ones from Mom Bloggers Club especially the ones from the Follow Me Club. 🙂

I’m not done following everyone on the list yet, but I’m already half way there! :cheer: In the next few hours, I should be finally done. YAY!!! :cheer:

Anyway, again thanks for those who subscribed, followed me on Twitter, and followed me through Google Connect (also known as the follow button on blogspot), for those who has not done any of the following, just go to my left sidebar, you will see all of ’em on the “Love My Blog” part. :cute:

Also for those who wants to have a link exchange, please click here.

love my blog

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The pictures of Julianna still make my stomach turn. She was 8 months old when she had the surgery. It was a year at the end of June and we are so glad that it is all over. Her doctor said that she looked great and we do not need to go back for another year. God has truly blessed us with her.

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