Talk About Insurance

Hmm… Is it really a must to own an insurance? If you ask me, I think it is must, but as for my parents, they don’t believe in insurance. They actually think that it is just a waste of time and money. It’s really weird. Maybe that’s the whole reason why I’m not well-equipped with the knowledge about insurance.

I remember once when my mother asked me to accompany her to an insurance company for my auntie’s life insurance (her sister, may she rest in peace), my mom got irritated with the person who talked to us because she told my mom that insurances will only be available if all the people who my auntie listed as a benefactor will sign. The problem is, most of them are in Zamboanga, and it will take quite some time to get them all to sign. It was a hassle, so instead, my mom just sent money to Zamboanga for my auntie’s burial.

I think my auntie was not too familiar with the life insurance quotes that’s why my mom was irritated as well. Good thing that my mom still helped out, after all, she is her sister, whom my mom loved dearly.

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