Take a Mommy Mental Break Time

Mommies need breaks. They are not robots that they should function 24/7 without rest. I am not only referring to physical rest, but I am also referring to other aspects of rest and one of those is mental rest. We think about a lot of things that somehow our thoughts are juggled up everywhere that incidents like going to a room and forgetting what to do happen rather frequently. That is why, we, moms, need mental rest.

Mental rest is not forgetting what is important but is finding time to enjoy rather simple things and not really thinking about what to cook for dinner or when the due dates are. Here are some mental rest that I suggest for moms:

  1. Sleep.

Well, this can also be considered as physical rest, but what better way to have a mental rest is to not use our critical thinking skills and just SLEEP. Though our brain is not actually resting, our mind is taking a pause with all the cares of life. That is a big help in our mental rest.

  1. Read a novel.

Reading a novel is an old-school way of resting the mind. Though we use our brains to imagine things, we are being entertained by the stories we read. We get positive vibes whenever we are being entertained and we get happy hormones.

  1. Watch a movie or a series.

If reading a novel is not your thing, then watching a movie or a series can also be a way to entertain yourself. With online streaming, it is easy to watch a movie even while waiting for the laundry load to finish.

  1. Play free online games.

There are many websites wherein you can play free online games. If you like card games, you can play that online even without other players present. There are also word games such as word search or even simple games like Pacman-inspired games. Some games may not really give you mental rest because it requires you to think, but if putting your mind on a different matter gives you rest, then, this will do.

  1. Exercise.

Doing exercise and breathing fresh air can give you mental rest. It might be tiresome but it can actually increase your happy hormones. It makes you feel better after you do it. Aside from that, it can contribute to good sleep.

Anyway, taking a mental rest as a mom is important. It is up to you if you want to sleep, play free online games, do exercise, or just plainly sit down and close your eyes a bit. It is up to you. The important thing is that you take a mental break!

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