Tagboard Is Important

Look at my tagboard now. You will see that there are no new messages there, WHICH IS GOOD. Why? Because I just deleted my old messages from cbox’s control panel, as I went through all old messages there.

I deleted them as a sign that either I did a “return hop” and dropped by your blog, did a tag, made an exchange link, or maybe done updating my blogroll for those who wanted a link exchange. It keeps me on track on which blog I have and haven’t visit yet.

Do not worry. If you don’t see your message there anymore, that means that I already visited you. =) But if you still see your message, just wait and see! ^_^ I’ll be at your blog in no time! =)

See how important a tagboard is? =)

But please be reminded that you can always leave a comment after a post. This is one of the best way to contact me as well! ^_^

One Reply to “Tagboard Is Important”

  1. happy saturday mama… that’s me.. i like it when readers/visitors leave comments on my post.. it makes me feel happy..

    by the way, I have a tag for you.

    Sparkle Friends

    The tag is easy to do, just copy the image and pass it to your fellow friends. 😉


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